Whitby Open Streets

We will be participating again this year in the Whitby open streets festivities! Offering free mini Aikido classes and introductory meditation sessions as part of the many activities promoting physical activity and healthy recreation for local families. Event time is September 28, 2019 from 10am to 3pm in downtown Whitby. Come out and share in […]

Rose of Durham Trivia Night

We are supporting the Rose of Durham in their upcoming charity trivia night by offering a free private Aikido class to the winning trivia team. I would also like to organize our own team to attend the event. The trivia night is Sep 19th, from 6:30 to 9:00pm at the Town Brewery in Whitby. We […]

Dojo schedule update

Happy summer to everyone! This is just an update on class schedule changes. There will be no classes in Port Perry or Whitby for the week of August 12. Classes will resume at both locations on Monday August 19th. Beginning in September we will be changing the schedule at both locations. Whitby will be moving […]

Mitori Geiko

Mitori geiko refers to the concept of practicing by watching. Typically, we practice mitori geiko when we are unable to practice due to an unfortunate injury (often sustained outside of training!) or when we arrive late for class. We learn by watching the instructor and analyzing his/her movement. However, there are also other ways to […]

Kimeda Sensei Birthday Class

It is my pleasure to announce that the Shindokan Dojo will be  hosting Kimeda Sensei on Friday, March 1, to celebrate his birthday and to teach class.  Class time will be from 7:30 – 8:30 PM in Oakville. Please note that this class is completely FREE of charge for AYC members. This event will be […]

Let’s Get Clinical!: 7 Tips for a Meaningful Aikido Clinic

Chris Johnston Sensei and Paul Gagliano Sensei (Aikido Shindokan dojo) recently made a trip up to AYC Ottawa to deliver a Kigami Biraki clinic. Although I couldn’t join in the trip to visit Hans De Groot Sensei, the event inspired me to reflect on some of the clinics I’ve attended, with guest teachers from Vancouver, […]


Members of Aikido Yoshinkai Canada who have been with Kimeda Sensei over the years know that until 2017 one of the hallmarks of his teaching was his weekly Kenshu class. Kenshu are intensive study and training classes and while we did not always leave these classes sweating from physical exertion, we did leave them mentally […]

Ichigo Ichie

One of the most succinct answers to the question of, why study aikido (or any other budo for that matter) can be paraphrased as follows: To learn about tradition and to improve ourselves. (I have to admit I cannot remember where I read this or who originally wrote it.) One of the ideas that we […]

Kihon Dosa: The Basics of Basics

In Yoshinkan Aikido, the Kihon Dosa are considered to be a distillation of the key physical skills and principles inherent in everything we do. They include: Tai no Henko, Hiriki no Yosei, and Shumatsu Dosa. Each of these has a #1 and a #2, so this gives 6 movements altogether. They can be performed solo […]