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Welcome to Aikido Durham! Our martial arts and meditation school in Whitby, Ontario offers Japanese martial arts training in Aikido, as well as weekly guided meditation practice. All levels of students, from beginners to advanced, are welcome to join our non-competitive, traditional, and enjoyable environment. We are easily accessible from across the Durham region, and support students from ages 13 and beyond.

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A defensive martial art that teaches principles of internal power and blending with an attacker’s movements to control their balance with minimal effort. Practitioners will learn effective self-defense techniques while appreciating the art’s historical traditions.

The AYC Network

We are part of the AYC network of dojos. Members have access to mulitple dojos across Ontario as well as the expert instruction from the some of the top instructors in the world. Our school is the premier location for adults and teens looking for non competitive Durham Martial Arts.


Join us for a relaxing guided meditation session! Experience the benefits of simple seated breathing exercises that can be easily incorporated into your daily life, promoting overall health and wellness. If you’ve always wanted to try meditation or simply need a way to unwind, this session is perfect for you!


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Whitby Meditation

Monthly Subscription
  • Access to all monthly meditiaton classes
  • Access to bonus workshops

Whitby Aikido

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$20/per class
  • Available to all existing AYC members
  • Pay as you go

Whitby Meditation

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$10/per class
  • Drop in to any upcoming medidation session
  • Pay as you go

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What is Aikido?

A peacetime martial art focused on developing the mind and body through training.

A defensive style accessible to anyone, regardless of size or strength.

Neutralize attacks using balance, posture, and calmness of thought.

An extremely effective self-defense art, non-competitive and non-aggressive. It avoids meeting force with resistance or brute strength. Instead, it redirects an aggressor’s force through well-timed, flowing, circular movements. By utilizing the attacker’s movements and momentum, rather than overpowering them with strength, their balance is compromised. Subduing or dealing with the attacker is then achieved through a wide range of joint locks, pins, or throws.

Chief Instructor

All classes at our school are taught directly by Sensei Jason Moore.

“Sensei Jay” has been studying Aikido for over 25 yrs and has been running Aikido Durham in Whitby and Port Perry since 2015. He currently holds the rank of 5th Dan.  His development has been built through 20 years of direct instruction from Kimeda Sensei (9th Dan), the highest ranking Yoshinkan Aikido instructor in the world today. 

Recently rediscovered my affinity for Aikido at Durham Aikido. Sensei J provides a relaxed environment with clear instruction, ensuring you understand the energy and movement. “


Graded to brown belt, and love all the learning. Great teacher, dedicated to the art and to the spirit of it. “

Wayne Louie

I joined the dojo last fall and have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Sensei Jay and the rest of the class. Everyone was very welcoming and patient with me when I joined. I’d recommend the club to anyone! “

Ian Tu

I have been taking Aikido with Sensei Jay for a number of years. Sensei has always tried to impress about using the energy of the ukes to succeed in doing our katas for each belt. The importance of focusing and breathing techniques to help us advance in our techniques.”

Brenda Louie

I chose to train in Aikido for a few reasons. One is that I don’t like exercise, so I was looking for some kind of exercise that I would like enough to do at least twice a week. I enjoy Aikido, so it doesn’t feel like I’m exercising; it feels like I’m having fun with people I like. Another reason I chose Aikido is that it helps me stay flexible and strong; I can continue to do it as I age, because it is non-aggressive. Aikido also offers one of the evidence-based ways to prevent dementia: learning new material that connects mind and body. I recommend Aikido to psychotherapy patients as a method of connecting mind and body, and for its training in focused attention. When people train in Aikido, I see many psychological benefits, including increased self-esteem and deepened awareness. “

Dr. Pati Beaudoin,
Clinical and Health Psychologist


15 Thickson Rd N #10
Whitby, ON L1N 8W7

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