A traditional Japanese martial art that anyone can do! Aikido teaches how to build body power through the coordination and relaxation of the body and mind. The result is a defensive martial art that any person can apply regardless of size, gender or age.


Join us for a guided meditation session! Simple seated breathing exercises that you can use in your daily life to help promote health and wellness. If you have always wanted to try meditation, or are looking for a way to help unwind come a try a session! Spaces are limited so reserve your space today […]

Sword Workshops

Aikido is born form sword movement. Study of how the body moves in relation to the sword is another key element of training at Aikido Durham. Through sword work, we are able to understand proper timing, distance and body unification in the martial arts. Outdoor sword workshops are held throughout the year to practice in […]

Chief Instructor

All classes at Aikido Durham are taught directly by Sensei Jason Moore. “Sensei Jay” has been studying Aikido for over 25 yrs and has been running Aikido durham in Whitby and Port Perry since 2015. Currently holding the rank of 5th Dan, his instruction has come directly from Kimeda Sensei (9th Dan), the highest ranking […]