Choosing a martial art? Transform your mind and body while you train!

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Learn self defence skills that will deepen your connection to your mind and body within a community of peaceful cultivators

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Are you going through the process of choosing a martial art and wondering which one to choose? Aikido, Karate, Judo, Jiu Jistu, Boxing and on and on… I know the options can seem overwhelming! At Aikido Durham we teach the traditional Japanese art of Aikido, and below is an outline that will help you determine if our school is a fit for you.

Why Aikido Durham?

“The art of peace”

Aikido is a non-competitive martial art. The goals of study are self-defence and self cultivation.

Build your body and mind together

It provides the students a framework to improve balance, sharpen the mind, develop a bigger connection to your body, all while learning a martial art.


Our school provides a space where students can learn these skills at their own pace in a fun and safe community. We are home to a number of students from 13 to 70 and our primary focus is to provide a safe training environment where people can develop into what ever level of depth and intensity they would like to explore.

choosing a martial art

What you will get

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Build balance and self cultivation through study of the body and its internal power rather than brute strength

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Get connected to a network of schools led by top instructors, and train with like minded individuals

martial arts school

Focus on the study of the martial art and self development rather than competitions or matches

When choosing a martial art you must give consideration to why you want to train. Do you want to compete? Do you want to develop agressive fighting skills? Do you want to learn to defend yourself and build your mental and emotional wellbeing in a positive direction? None of these things are good or bad, but they are mutually exclusive. If you begin training in an art that is non-competitive and you love competitions, you will not be happy. Know what you are looking for and use that to help you find the right style for you.

Aikido is a peace time form of martial arts training, rather than a war-time or competition style. It is a system that provides a way to rewire how your mind and body work together. It uses self defence as a framework to study the principles of how the body works internally and externally in conjunction with the mind. The goal is  to develop unity between the mind and body. This process results in self cultivation by training the calming the mind and building a strong and balanced body. You will learn how to defend yourself, but you won’t be taught how to “win in an arena”. This is a different mindset and requires different training. You can read more here : Martial Arts Mindset

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