What is Aikido

Aikido is a defensive martial art designed to teach the principles of blending with the power of an attacker’s movements in order to control their movements with minimal effort.

Aikido’s roots are developed from sword movements and designed originally to provide defence for the Samurai without a weapon.

Morihei_Ueshiba The founder of the art was Morihei Ueshiba who felt the ultimate goal of Aikido was not only martial training but a way to promote peace through training the spirit in a harmonious way.

Many of his top students over the years subsequently went on to develop styles of Aikido based on their own backgrounds and teaching styles.

Yoshinkan Aikido was developed by one of Ueshiba’s top students Gozo Shioda. gozo_shiodaFounded in 1955, the Yoshinkan style focuses on structured basic movements as a pathway for students to understand their body power and how to harmonize that power with their partner.


Kimeda_SenseiSensei Takeshi Kimeda began his study of Aikido under Soke Shioda and Sensei Kushida at the age of 18.  In 1964 Kimeda Sensei brought Yoshinkan Aikido to Canada, and for over 50 years he has been the premier Aikido instructor in the country.  He was awarded his 9th dan in 2008 and inducted into the canadian blackbelt hall of fame in 2009.