Why Study Aikido?

Why should I learn Aikido?

Many people have always wanted to learn a martial art, but different circumstances hold them back.  They say the hardest belt to achieve is the white belt, because just getting started can be a big challenge.  For those who move past the standard objections and make the decision to study an art form, choosing one becomes the next hurdle.

The key is knowing that there are far more options than what can be found in the main stream media.  I believe that there is a martial art for everyone.

Which brings us to our question: why Aikido?

Aikido is a martial art with which you can develop self defence skills, but there are many other aspects to the training that you will develop in addition. Here are a few that I have found over time, to be the primary factors that have kept me training for more than 20 years.

Connecting the mind and body is one of the key benefits of Aikido training.  The art challenges the student to move as a unified body physically to apply the techniques.  But at the same time builds concentration and mental focus which begins to harmonize with the body movement over time.  This feeling builds as your training progresses and is a skill set that can carry over into all areas of your life.

Challenge!  Having something that challenges me is the part that I love most about Aikido.  After so many years of training, I still find the art interesting and compelling.  With so much of the art about developing internally and the workings of the human mind and body being so complex, Aikido always offers something new to explore to those who are willing to look.

Anyone can do it – at any age.  Not only is this something anyone can start learning at any time, but Aikido is an art that allows for longevity in your training.  My teacher has been over 50 years and is still teaching today!  If you are going to invest your time and energy into learning something, why not make it something you can enjoy for a lifetime?

I wish you the best fortune in your martial arts journey, regardless of where your path takes you.

Sensei Jason Moore
Chief Instructor, Aikido Durham
Aikido Yoshinkai Canada

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Why Study Aikido?