Aiki Soku Seikatsu

Merci, Guy Lafleur. Guy Lafleur passed away last week … A sad day for hockey. When I heard the news, my thoughts immediately turned towards my childhood. I could see Lafleur charging down the ice — he played right wing — hair flowing, finessing his way through the opposition, scoring, smiling, celebrating. He was a […]


With a slight nod or perhaps a quick gesture that seemed part welcoming and part commanding, Kimeda Sensei would indicate his uke for the next technique. His typical custom was to not play favourites. He would start with the highest ranking black belt and work down in succession through the seniors. This approach avoided the […]


The term MUSHIN is referenced in zen meditation as well as martial arts texts, and translates to “empty mind”. Working to develop a Mushin state of mind means that one’s thoughts pass like clouds in the sky, where the mind observes them but does not follow them. This allows the mind to to be unbound […]

Meditation Journal

Following up on our recent meditation workshop, I thought about different options that new practitioners might find helpful to support their study. One way to help build the daily habit of meditation into your routine is to find a way to keep yourself accountable. A meditation journal is one technique you can use to do […]

Free Meditation Workshop

Happy holidays from Phase Yoga and Aikido Durham! Come and join us for a complementary introduction into Meditation. Yes its Free! This Friday December 13th, at 8:00pm – 8:30pm at Phase Yoga Studio in Port Perry – 241 Queen St. (back entrance of Brittany and Bros) Stay balanced through the holiday season with a 30 […]

Whitby Open Streets

We will be participating again this year in the Whitby open streets festivities! Offering free mini Aikido classes and introductory meditation sessions as part of the many activities promoting physical activity and healthy recreation for local families. Event time is September 28, 2019 from 10am to 3pm in downtown Whitby. Come out and share in […]

Rose of Durham Trivia Night

We are supporting the Rose of Durham in their upcoming charity trivia night by offering a free private Aikido class to the winning trivia team. I would also like to organize our own team to attend the event. The trivia night is Sep 19th, from 6:30 to 9:00pm at the Town Brewery in Whitby. We […]

Dojo schedule update

Happy summer to everyone! This is just an update on class schedule changes. There will be no classes in Port Perry or Whitby for the week of August 12. Classes will resume at both locations on Monday August 19th. Beginning in September we will be changing the schedule at both locations. Whitby will be moving […]

Mitori Geiko

Mitori geiko refers to the concept of practicing by watching. Typically, we practice mitori geiko when we are unable to practice due to an unfortunate injury (often sustained outside of training!) or when we arrive late for class. We learn by watching the instructor and analyzing his/her movement. However, there are also other ways to […]